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XCMG Rough Terrain crane XCR40

Rough terrain cranes

Rough terrain cranes are mobile cranes designed for off-road use on uneven and rough terrain, commonly used in construction sites and industrial applications.

XCMG Crane XCA275

Truck-mounted cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are mobile cranes mounted on a truck chassis, making them easy to move from site to site and commonly used in construction, transportation, and utility applications.

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Introducing our range of cranes and hoisting equipment – designed and engineered to tackle the most challenging lifting tasks with precision and safety

Whether you need to lift heavy loads or transport materials across different levels, our cranes and hoisting equipment will get the job done efficiently and reliably. With advanced features like wireless controls, safety sensors, and smooth operation, our equipment offers you the peace of mind and efficiency you need to keep your project running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our crane and hoisting equipment solutions.

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Increased efficiency

Cranes and hoisting equipment can lift and move heavy objects quickly and safely, reducing the time and labor required to complete a task.

Cost savings

By reducing the amount of time and labor required for lifting and moving heavy objects, cranes and hoisting equipment can help businesses save money on labor costs and improve overall productivity.

Improved safety

Using cranes and hoisting equipment reduces the risk of accidents and injuries that may occur during the manual lifting and moving of heavy objects.

Use cases

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  3. Accessories
  4. Financing
  5. Training
  6. Transport
  7. Maintenance
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  9. Parts
  10. Used

Rough terrain options

Capacity60 to 100 USt
Boom length147 to 215 ft (47.8 to 65.5 m)
Fuel typeGasoline

Truck-mounted options

Capacity35 to 275 USt
Boom length120 to 354.3 ft (36.5 to 108 m)
Fuel typeGasoline

Our aerial working platform brands


Cranes and hoisting equipment are heavy-duty machines used for lifting, moving, and placing heavy objects and materials in construction, industrial, and other applications. They come in various types and configurations, including tower cranes, mobile cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and gantry cranes, among others. These machines use cables, pulleys, and hydraulic systems to lift and move loads safely and efficiently.

XCMG cranes are equipped with a range of safety features, including anti-overload systems, intelligent control systems, and real-time monitoring to ensure safe operation.

The right XCMG crane for your project depends on factors such as the required lifting capacity, the type of terrain and environment, and the required reach and mobility.

Operators of XCMG cranes are required to have the necessary certification and training, which can be provided by XCMG or other accredited training providers.

Industrial construction site with prefabricated concrete pillars, heavy duty crane, cargo and trucks


Flexible payment options to help you invest in the equipment you need to grow your business

Flexible financing options to lift your business higher

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Ensure your employees to be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to operate equipment safely and efficiently

Unlock the potential of your workforce with Liftrac's expert training solutions

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Efficient and secure equipment transportation to meet your business needs

Reliable equipment transport to get your business moving forward

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Comprehensive equipment care to minimize downtime and maximize productivity for your business

Maximize the lifespan of your equipment with Liftrac's expert maintenance service

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Efficient and reliable solutions to keep your equipment running smoothly

Expert repairs, reliable performance;
Trust Liftrac for all your equipment repair needs

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Piece parts

We provide quick and reliable access to replacement parts for all types of construction equipment

Get the right parts for your equipment with Liftrac's Piece Parts service

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Liftrac offers a selection of high-quality used equipment for sale to provide cost-effective solutions for customers' material handling needs.

Find reliable and affordable used equipment with Liftrac's trusted sales services.

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